The Skeptive Toolbar

Web users:

Tired of being lied to on the internet? Get the Skeptive toolbar now.

Do you like the Skeptive idea, but aren't yet ready to download the Skeptive toolbar? Click and drag this link to your favorites or bookmarks bar to install the Skeptive bookmarklet.


The bookmarklet has most of the functionality of the Skeptive toolbar, but doesn't require a download. When you are on a page that says things that don't seem quite right, click on the bookmarklet, and Skeptive will underline sentences that are false.

Website owners:

Want to drive traffic to your site? Want to provide a useful tool for your users? Want to help us build the internet's first lie-detector?

Skeptive is looking for early adopter sites to help us test our product. Every page on your site with a Skeptive button will be indexed, and your site will get prominent listing on Skeptive's dispute reports. Here are the details: if you put a button on your site, users will be able to click the button to find out more information about what you've written. Users will see sentences underlined in red or green, depending on whether other reputable sources agree with you or disagree with you. Users can click on the sentence to find out more.

See this site For an example of how the button works.

To put a Skeptive button on your site, just copy and paste this code into your site's HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" id="skeptive-js"></script>